Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jonathan Cheechoo

Mailed on 9/15/08 and received 2/2 back on 1/31/09. A little bit of a while but I don't mind for a star like Jonathan Cheechoo. The cards where also the only thing in the envelope which always makes me nervous but the cards are in very good shape. Mr. Cheechoo hasn't quite been the player he was in 05-06 with 56 goals of late but he's still a good NHL scorer and I'm very excited to get these cards back. I really wish on the Victory Game Breaker card he would have signed it by the upper left corner so you could see the autograph a little better but I can't complain. Interesting signature too haha. Cards where mailed to the San Jose Sharks.

Kevin Todd

Mailed on 1/14/09 and received 7/5 on 1/28/09. Mr. Kevin Todd was nice enough to sign the 5 cards I mailed to him as well as the 2 index cards I used to pad the envelope. Kevin Todd was a solid player in the NHL and I'm very happy to add these cards to my collection. Cards where mailed to Mr. Todds home address.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

8x10 Mailings

Hey I need some help... how do you guys (or gals) do 8x10 mailings. Like how do you do return envelopes and such. And whats the average postage cost. I've got an 8x10 of Tuomo Ruutu that I never was able to get him to sign in person when he was with the Hawks and I was gunna send it to him through the mail since he's a pretty good TTM signer. Any help would be appreciated!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Alexander Semin

Mailed on 11/17/08 and received 2/1 on 1/26/09. I was so excited when I opened this one up, Alexander Semin an all-star and a great young player a top notch return right? And check out that scan nice card looks great in silver sharpie...oh wait he signed the case the card is in and not the actual card! I was admiring my beautiful Alexander Semin card when my father goes "it looks like he signed the case". I didn't even notice at first haha. I don't mean to sound ungrateful I'm sure Mr. Semin is getting alot of mail these days but I would appreciate it 100% more if he took that extra second to remove the card from the case. He even signed the index card I put in there...I would trade my index card in for him to have just signed the card lol. Oh well I'll keep my card in my signed case so it looks good and probably re-send Mr. Semin just a card in the mail and hope the Postal Service doesn't mangle my unprotected card. Card (case) was mailed to the Capitals.

Pat Hentgen

Mailed on 1/20/09 and received 3/3 back on 1/26/09. Wow! fast return. 6 days from a former Cy Young winner, I'll take it! All three cards are signed in bold blue and I asked him to put the 96 Cy inscription on one card and he was nice enough to put it on all three of the cards. Wow these look great very nice signature! Cards got a little beat up the corners on the two normal cards are a little chewed up but they still look awesome. Cards where mailed to Mr. Hentgens home.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Joe Pavelski

Mailed on 12/30/08 and received 3/3 back on 1/23/09. A very nice return from a young star on a great team. Mr. Joe Pavelski is just part of a fantastic system and team thats happening in San Jose. San Jose is such a great team I expect them to be a major contender for the cup this season. All of the cards are signed very nicely in thin blue sharpie in spots on the card that you can see the autograph the best. It just shows that Mr. Pavelski takes his time and I truly appreciate that. Cards where mailed to the San Jose Sharks.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mark Streit

Mailed on 12/30/08 and received 2/2 back on 1/20/09. Great return Mr. Mark Streit is having an awesome year on the very young New York Islanders. Both cards are signed very nicely in bold blue sharpie. Mr. Streit also personalized one of the cards with an exclamation point after my name. Haha I've never really seen that before but its a cool touch. The cards look great and I'm very happy with them. Cards where mailed to the NY Islanders.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

John Vanbiesbrouck

Mailed on 7/14/08 and received 3/3 on 1/17/09. Woohoo first real mail in a week! And its a great return too. Beezer was my one of my favorite goalies to watch growing up. The picture doesn't really do these cards justice they look a lot better in person. I thought this one was a goner because I got the address off an older website and of the 5 address I mailed to from that site this is the first one I got back. I know I would ask for this address so I'll just put it on here for anyone interested

67960 Campground Rd.
Washington, MI 48095-1217

Long wait but worth it. I've also seen other response to his same address so maybe he's doing all of his mail now so send yours in!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Philadelphia Flyers

Well mail has been very slow lately, I guess I haven't been writing as much lately as I was a couple months ago. All I've gotta since my double Marty Havlat day and Tim Thomas has been Philadelphia Flyers team response things. I didn't even want to waste my time putting pics of them on here. I've gotta Jeff Carter (who I thought signed TTM) Simon Gagne, Antero Nittymaki, and Kimmo Timonen. I also received one of these pics from Derian Hatcher a while ago. So I guess the moral of the story is don't send to any stars or semi-stars (Antero Nittymaki come on seriously) on the Flyers or you get one of these things. At least they return the cards unsigned. If anyone out there knows anyone of the Flyers that signs I'm all ears. Hopefully I can get some responses pretty soon! Best wishes to all of you fellow collectors out there and thanks for checking out my blog I truly appreciate it.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Martin Havlat

Mailed around 12/10/07 and received 1/1 back on 1/9/09. Wow long wait my longest wait so far. Mr. Havlat seems to be catching up on all of his mail so I'm very glad to see this one come back. Mr. Martin Havlat even added additional postage since the increases since I sent this card out. I really like this card, its got alot of white space on it and Martin Havlat signed it in a great spot so the card looks great. It is bent though by the autograph but that doesn't take much away from the card for me. I'm glad Mr. Havlat eventually signed all of his mail. Better late then never. Card was mailed to the Blackhawks.

Martin Havlat

Mailed around 1/15/08 ish and received 2/2 back on 1/9/09. This is the one of the two different successes I got from Mr. Havlat on the 9th. I don't have an exact date when I sent it out the 1/15/08 is a rough estimate. So apperently Mr. Havlat is doing all of his mail because I've seen other Havlat successes and I've now received all 3 of the requests I've written to him back. I'm a huge Havlat fan and was very excited to get all 3 of my requests back! Cards where mailed to the Blackhawks.

Tim Thomas

Mailed on 12/23/08 and received 1/1 on 1/9/09. Great return from one of the best goalies in the game on one of the best teams in the game. Tim Thomas and the Bruins look ready for a long run into the playoffs this year if they can stay healthy. I saw alot of recent Tim Thomas success so I decided to see if I could get one back. So I'm very happy, this card is signed beautifully in blue sharpie. I really like these Victory cards, after a good rub down with a white eraser the autographs stick well and most of the cards look great. Its great to get a card back from a star like Mr. Thomas I truly appreciate it. Card was mailed to the Boston Bruins.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dave Bolland

Mailed on 11/10/08 and received 2/2 back on 1/6/08. Mr. Dave Bolland is having a solid year with the Hawks and is a great autograph signer. He's very nice in person and I'm glad to see he also signs TTM. I mailed to him last year when he was with the Rockford Icehogs but apperently that card got lost somewhere along the line because Mr. Bolland was with both Chicago and Rockford last year. Also on the Rookie Class card the sharpie wasn't working so well yet and the beginning of the autograph didn't show. Oh well still happy with both of these. Cards where mailed to the Blackhawks.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Duncan Keith

Mailed on 9/23/08 and received 2/2 back on 1/5/08. Great return from an NHL All-star and a HAWK. Duncan Keith is becoming one of the most reliable defensemen in the league. He shows great work on defense and also helps put goals on the scoreboard. He can do it all. Mr. Keith is a great signer TTM and I really appreciate his time. Cards where mailed to the Chicago Blackhawks.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Chris Terreri

Mailed on 11/28/08 and received 5/5 back on 12/3/08. A nice return from a long time NHL'er but signed all the cards in a terrible old black sharpie. They look OK but would look 100% better in a bold blue sharpie. Oh well I'm still happy to get these back. I was mad at myself I couldn't find any of Mr. Terreri's cards from when he played with the Hawks in my collection then like the day after I mailed these out I found a whole bunch of them. Oh well I guess that'll happen. Cards where mailed to the Lowell Devils.

Adrian Aucoin

Mailed on 11/26/08 and received 2/2 back on 1/2/09. Great return, I was a big Adrian Aucoin fan when he was here in Chicago. Kind of an odd but cool looking signature to bad he signed in a old black sharpie thats dying. Mr. Aucoin has been a great player for many years in the NHL and continues to perform. I mailed these to the Flames with a dollar in the envelope for return postage here to the USA. I really appreciate Mr. Aucoin or the Flames going out of the way to make sure I get my cards back. Great cards very happy!

Dion Phaneuf

Mailed on 12/4/08 and received 1/1 back on 1/2/09. I mailed him a 08/09 Victory but I saw that Mr. Phaneuf just sends back team issued photos so I wasn't surprised to get my card unsigned but a very nice team photo. I'm very happy with this success. Sent all the way to Canada and I didn't include any money for postage to return to the US so its nice to get this one back. Mr. Phaneuf is a great young player and is going to be a stud for a very long time in this league. Card was mailed to the Calgary Flames.