Friday, May 20, 2011

Real or Fake? Wayne Gretzky

I got this card as a Christmas present as a young boy and since then it has always been the jewel of my collection and proudly hung on the wall of my room. As I've grown as a collector, I've seen the large amounts of fake Gretzky memorabilia so I wanted fellow collectors to weigh in on my card. What do you guys/gals think? Its an unorthodox Gretzky signature but at least it isn't one of his autopened cards. Any input is appreciated.


Jake said...

Looks different than most of the Gretzky autos I have seen. Howd you get the card?

Sébastian Hell said...

It's bizarre, yes, but has at least some key features that it could have been an on-the-fly/quick-I-gotta-go in-person 'graph.

Real or fake, it's much better than the autopens, I agree.

My answer: keep it on your wall regardless.

zacwolf54 said...

Jake: I got it as a gift and I assume my parents bought it at a card store or antique mall.

Sebastian: Good point, I had planned keeping it on my wall regardless and just continue to ponder over it

Jake said...

I would think its real because maybe he changed his signature over the years.

Moe and Kyle`s TTM and IP autographs said...

Yo Zac!

Hey, no offense or anything, but I think it`s fake. Everything but the 99 looks just messed up. Sorry man.
But then again keep it on you`re wall, because even if it`s fake the person who gave it to you probably paid the price for a real signature.
And by the way, do you mind following my new blog me and my friend created? It would be great!!!

- Kyle

zacwolf54 said...

Thanks for all the input, I've gotten mixed opinions from most people I have asked. I'll keep on wondering about it and hope that it is real. Thanks everyone!