Monday, August 31, 2009

Russ Courtnall

Mailed on 8/24/09 and received 6/6 back on 8/31/09. Fast return from a long time NHL star. Very nice looking signature on all of these cards. It was very nice of Mr. Courtnall to sign all 6 of the cards I mailed him. Its so cool that he signed all of the cards and did it so quickly. I love the portrait card that he signed. Its actually a checklist but it looks so cool I had to send it. Always nice to add a great player like Mr. Courtnall to my collection. Cards were mailed to his home.

Curt Giles

Mailed on 8/24/09 and received 3/3 back on 8/31/09. Very nice autograph from a long time leader in the NHL. Another very fast return from a former player. I really appreciate these players so quickly signing the requests they are getting. Probably getting the cards then signing and sending them out on the same day. Cool that he takes some priority for his fans. So happy with another fast return! Cards were mailed to Mr. Giles home.

Scott Mellanby

Mailed out on 8/25/09 and received 4/4 back on 8/31/09. 6 days wow veryyyy fast. This was one of the many cards that I mailed out right as I was leaving for college. Very nice of Mr. Mellanby to sign all of his mail so quickly. Very sweet looking autograph. This is the second time I've gotten from Mr. Mellanby and both times I got very nice cards back. I really like the Captains card of him in the lot. A couple of these cards did get a bit beat up due to the metal card that I sent with these. But nothing to bad. Four signed cards in six days, sounds awesome to me! Thanks Mr. Mellanby! Cards were mailed to his house.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pablo Sandoval

Mailed on 6/27/09 and received 2/2 back on 8/29/09. Very sweet return from a young star in the MLB! Kung Fu Panda!! He's had a great season with the Giants season, I'm rooting for them to win the Wild Card. These cards are signed in blue pen but they look good so no complaints from me. It almost look like thin blue sharpie but you can tell its pen. These brand new Topps cards look so good and the Heritage cards always look nice. Its cool that a young star like Pablo signs. Cards were mailed to the Giants.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Paul Martin

Mailed on 7/10/09 and received 2/2 back on 8/28/09.  A very nice success from a very solid NHL'er.  Paul is a representative on the USA team which is an honor for him I'm sure.  I'm so excited to see how my USA boy's do in the Olympics.  It was very nice of Paul to sign both of my cards for me.  I absolutely love the 08-09 Upper Deck cards they look fantastic!  So happy with this return.  Cards were mailed to Mr. Martin's home.  

I'm moving into my college dorm room tomorrow so I don't know how frequently I'll will be able to update my site.  I won't be getting my mail at school so I'll just update when I get home on weekends.  So keep an eye out for long waits before updates!  Sorry folks.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rod Brind'Amour

Mailed on 4/13/09 and received 3/3 back on 8/27/09.  I thought this one was lost, when I mailed this one Rod was pumping out quick returns so I expected this one back quickly.  I continued to see quick returns from the address I mailed to but mine was not coming.  So I figured it had been misplaced or something and I wasn't sure if I'd get it back.  But sure enough it came today.  I love how these cards turned out!  A great return from a future Hall of Famer and a great leader for so long.  No doubt a class act!!  I couldn't be happier with these.  Cards were mailed to Mr. Brind'Amours home. 

Jonathan Broxton

Mailed on 7/22/09 and received 1/1 on 8/27/09.  What a great success from one of the best closers in the MLB.  Jonathan has really come into his own this season as the closer of the Dodgers and had a great season.  And its better because he is on my fantasy team haha.  Very happy that one of the best closers in the game took his time and signed a nice autograph for me.  Card was mailed to the Dodgers.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Brad Boyes

Mailed on 5/16/09 and received 3/3 back on 8/24/09.  Brad Boyes is a great player who has really come into his own in St. Louis.  He also seems to be a very good signer, this is the second time I've gotten him.  The first time was through the Blues and this one was through his home address.  Both I had to wait a while but it is definitely worth it.  All three of these cards look great signed in thin blue sharpie.  The Blues are a team on the rise so watch out for them this season!!!  Another nice return from a current NHL'er.  Cards were mailed to Mr Boyes home address.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pierre Pilote

Mailed on 7/31/09 and received 1/1 back on 8/22/09.  Wow awesome return!!  Pierre is one of the all-time great Blackhawks!  I didn't send any money with this one and Mr. Pilote signed the one card I mailed and also wrote H.O.F. '75 underneath his name.  He also signed the card in the best spot on the card.  A success can't get much better then this one!  Its cool to get a old-timer like this, I'm glad to see Pierre taking time for the fans still.  I plan on mailing more to older players like Pierre.  So happy!  Card was mailed to Mr. Pilotes home. 

Patrick Kane

Mailed on 10/6/08 and received 1/1 back on 8/22/09.  Kaner is definitely getting to all of his mail so if you've got yours out keep an eye out for it!  Patrick nicely signed my Victory card for me in bold blue sharpie.  To bad I didn't mail a different card because in the last return I got from Kane he also signed a 08-09 Victory card for me.  Oh well both look great I'm very happy. EIther Kaner but it looks like his mom wrote my address on my return envelope as a return address.  Cool that they took the extra time for that.  Also added 2c postage stamp.  Thanks for getting to all of your mail Patrick!  Card was mailed to the Hawks. (I've still got one out thats been out for 16 months so I guess we'll see if that one comes in still)

Brian Holzinger

Mailed on 8/11/09 and received 3/3 back on 8/22/09.  Very fast return from a former player.  Brian had a great college career and had some very nice season in the NHL.  All of these cards are signed in ultra thin blue sharpie, it might even be in gel pen.  A very neat and small signature but the cards look good.  Two are kind of smudged but still look good.  Very fast return, I can't complain!  Cards were mailed to Mr. Holzingers home.

Ross Ohlendorf

Mailed on 7/22/09 and received 2/3 back on 8/22/09.  Very nice return from a solid MLB'er!!  Ross is a very smart guy and a promising young pitcher.  He's getting lots of time on the mound for the Pirates and is making the most of it.  He is going to have a very long career in the MLB.  He kept my new Topps card which is OK Im glad he didn't keep my Midwest League all-star card.  Nice to get that card signed.  Cards were mailed to the Pirates. 

Jason Marquis

Mailed on 7/22/09 and received 2/3 back on 8/22/09.  Jason is having a great bounce back season in Colorado.  Mr. Marquis really had a tough go here in Chicago and I'm glad he's turning it around and having a very solid season.  Not only can he throw it but Jason is also one of the best hitting pitchers in the league.  It takes a great athlete to be able to throw 7 shut out inning and be able to take a major league pitcher deep.  Great success Jason is a very reliable signer.  Cards were mailed to the Rockies. 

Russell Branyan

Mailed on 7/6/09 and received 1/1 back on 8/22/09.  Mr. Branyan is having an amazing season this year with the Seattle Mariners.  He is already up to 30 home runs in a very tough Seattle ballpark to hit homeruns in.  Russell has always been able to hit the long balls and he is finally getting consistent playing time in Seattle.  Crazy looking autograph but I'm very happy with this one.  Card was mailed to the Mariners.

Curtis Granderson

Mailed on 7/21/09 and received 1/3 back on 8/22/09.  Not even really a complete success, Curtis didn't sign any of the cards I mailed him but instead substituted a signed picture from his marketing company.  Curtis was great last season TTM but I guess these guys got ahold of him and he is no longer signing the stuff fans send.  Ughhh oh well Curtis does a lot of great charity work and is a polite young man.  He always sound down to earth and well spoken when he is interviewed which I admire.  So Curtis, you get a pass from me just because you are a nice guy haha.  It is a nice postcard, he actually signed it so thats good.  Cards were mailed to the Detroit Tigers.

These are pictures of the two pucks I got at the USA event.  Left: TJ Oshie  Right: Ryan Callahan

Team USA Hounding Event

I hounded Team USA on 8/18/09 and I got some very good results.  They had it set up at the arena so that 1 0r 2 guys were signing at a time in the mail lobby of the arena.  The event was in Woodridge, IL so many people showed up with hopes of getting Patrick Kane's autograph.  So that meant that there were two lines all day, one waiting for Kane to come out and sign and one for everyone else who was signing that day.  Some people didn't understand the fact that there were two lines, which did create some angry and confused people but if you knew what you were doing it was very easy to get autographs.  Most people waited in the Kane line all day so that made it very easy to zip in and out of the other players line.  I felt bad for the people who waited for Kane all day because Kane never came out and signed.  He signed for 2 hours the day before but nothing the second day.  It was sweet to get all the players I got because I never have the opportunity to hound lots of the players I was able to on this day.  Most of the players were very nice and signed 2 cards for me.  Mike Modano signed one card for me and didn't seem very thrilled to be signing.  I got every player that signed the day I was there so I can't complain.  Overall I came out with 23 autographs.

Cards: (2) Phil Kessel, (2) Dustin Brown, (2) Chris Drury, (1) Mike Modano, (2) Mike Komisarek, (2) Ron Hainsey, (2) Jack Johnson, (2) Ryan Malone, (2) Bobby Ryan, (2) Ryan Suter and (2) Tim Thomas

Pucks: Ryan Callahan and T.J. Oshie

Friday, August 14, 2009

Patrick Kane

Mailed on 8/3/09 and received 2/2 back on 8/14/09.  Oh Patrick, I'm sure we've all heard the sad news about the young Hawks star.  Patrick made a mistake but a young kid with all that pressure, I think it was just a slip up and I don't expect any more news like this from him.  I'm glad to see he's getting to his mail, I was surprised I got this one back so quickly.  Patrick has a long career ahead of him, hopefully here in Chicago and I'm glad he is still signing TTM.  The thin blue sharpie looks sweet on my two cards!  Very happy with these.  Cards were mailed to Patricks parents home in Buffalo.  

Pat Jablonski

Mailed on 8/3/09 and received 5/5 back on 8/14/09.  Very nice return from and long time NHL'er and a great guy.  I got a very quick return and all 5 of the cards are personalized!  Thats about as good as it gets.  Very nice looking signature and I love the Peoria Rivermen card that he signed.  He even put the correct number on each card to go with what jersey number he had at the time.  Awesome thanks so much Mr Jablonski.  Cards were mailed to his home address.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mike Modano

Mailed on 7/31/09 and received 2/2 back on 8/13/09.  Very nice return, I've had all sort of problems in the past TTM c/o Modano but these ones appear to be authentic.  They aren't in the girly looking hand writing that are usually what you get from Mike Modano but these ones are more like the autographs you see on his certified stuff.  Let me know what you think but I believe these ones to be real.  Mike is one of the best all-time American born players and I've loved watching his career.  I will get to see him soon when I go to the USA practice in Woodridge IL on the 17th and 18th.  Very happy with these!  Cards were mailed to Mr. Modano's home. 

Matt Cullen

Mailed on 7/20/09 and received 1/1 back on 8/13/09.  Great return from a very solid NHL'er!  Matt Cullen every year puts up his great offensive number and helps the team in so many ways.  He has been great on the Power Play his whole career.  This card looks great, it did get a bit smudged when he put in back in the hard plastic case I sent with the card but it didn't mess up the card that much.  It still looks sweet.  I mailed one out to Matt c/o the Hurricanes and I haven't gotten that one back yet.  So maybe he doesn't sign thru the team and just his home which is where this card was mailed.  

Monday, August 10, 2009

Phil Kessel

Mailed on 6/22/09 and received 1/2 back on 8/10/09.  Awesome return from a superstar.  Phil is a very reliable signer TTM this is the second time I've gotten him, the first time through the Bruins and this one through his home address.  Its not the prettiest autograph but its still an autograph.  This one is signed in nice thin blue sharpie and is bigger then the first autograph I received.  He kept the 08-09 UD card I mailed him which might have looked a little nicer but this card is also very cool.  You can't really complain when you get a player like Mr. Kessel through the mail.  This was the sixth envelope that I opened today which is a record for me.  I like days like this haha.  Card was mailed to Mr. Kessel's home.

Ian White

Mailed on 6/26/09 and received 3/3 back on 8/10/09.  Great return from a current NHL d-man.  Ian is a promising young player and he is going to be on the Toronto blue line for many years.  The blue sharpie he signed with kind of blends in on the 08-09 OPC card but looks sweet on the other two cards.  The corners got a little roughed up in the journey from Canada but its nothing to bad the cards still look amazing!  Very very happy!  Cards were mailed to Mr. White's home.  

Steve Larmer

Mailed on 7/20/09 and received 4/4 back on 8/10/09.  An all-time great Blackhawk I'm so excited that I got my cards back so quickly.  Steve Larmer put up huge numbers in the NHL for so long and was the offensive stud on my Blackhawk teams.  I like his autograph too, its a quick  little autograph but looks cool.  All of the cards turned out very well, he signed in the corner where there in white space so the autograph is easily visible.  The blue looks amazing!!!!  So happy with these!!!!  Cards were mailed to Mr. Larmer's home.

Murray Bannerman

Mailed on 7/20/09 and received 2/1 back on 8/10/09.  Very cool return from a former Blackhawk!  I picked this card up at the Hawks Convention for just a buck and I mailed in out to Bannerman.  They had tons of cards and stuff at the convention, I wish I would have brought some more money to get stuff.  Oh well very happy with this card.  Murray also signed the index card I used for padding as well but I forgot to put it in the picture.  Card was mailed to Mr. Bannerman's home.

Ian Laperriere

Mailed on 6/17/09 and received 3/4 back on 8/10/09.  Ian has been a great player for so long in the NHL and I'm so happy to add these cards to my collection.  I wish I had some newer cards of Ian but these look great.  I love the gold Rivermen card that he signed.  A cool looking signature and he even put the right number on each card.  Very sweet I'm happy with these!  Cards were mailed to Mr. Laperriere's home.  

Erik Ersberg

Mailed on 11/18/08 and received 1/1 back on 8/10/09.  A very long wait from a great young goalie in the Kings system.  The kids seem to have so many young goalies but Ersberg is the best of the bunch.  As the Kings get better and better Ersberg will get better and better and I expect him to be a top goalie in the NHL soon.  Watch out for the Kings in the next couple years,  I feel like they can quickly rise to the top like my Blackhawks have done.  Smart drafting and holding on to core young players has laid down the foundation for a bright future in LA.  A nice signature on a rookie card, can't get much better then that!  Card was mailed to the Kings.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Darren Pang

Mailed on 7/31/09 and received 1/1 back on 8/8/09.  Very fast return from a great guy and a hard worker in his playing days.  I've known Panger more for his broadcasting work with the Hawks and other teams as I was growing up but Darren played a couple years here in Chicago and was a fan favorite.  His size kept him from having a longer career but he made the most from what he was given, which is a lot more then most guys can say.  Very nice looking signature, Pang took his time signing this one!  Darren has signed with the Blues to do their broadcaster for this next season.  I love the Blackhawks successes!!  Card was mailed  to Mr. Pang's home.

Mike Knuble

Mailed on 6/29/09 and received 3/3 back on 8/8/09.  Sweet return, Mike has always been a nice guy and a great signer.  This is the second time Ive gotten Mike through the mail and both times I got a very nice return.  Mr. Knuble is going to play with Ovechkin this season and I expect a big year from Mike as he sits in front of opposing goalies and cleans up AO's garbage.  Very happy with this one!  Cards were mailed to Mr. Knuble's home. 

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Adam Burish

Mailed on 5/19/09 and received 1/2 back on 8/6/09.  Adam Burish, what can you say.  Hard worker, tough guy, and a class act.  Adam is always very nice in person and has been a reliable signer TTM.  This card looks great!  Adam signed this card very nicely in bold black sharpie.  Cards were mailed to the Hawks.

Marty McInnis

Mailed on 6/29/09 and received 6/6 back on 8/6/09.  Marty McInnis was a solid player in the NHL for many years.  Look at the stats, every year that he got significant playing time he put up 40-50 points.  I love adding 6 cards of such a great player to my collection.  I wonder why I broke my usual rule of sending 5 cards with this one.  Usually its to heavy if I send more then 5 cards but I guess this one made the cut.  Cool looking signature, and the Flames cards look great!  Cards were mailed to Mr. McInnis's home.  

Andruw Jones

Mailed on 6/27/09 and received 1/1 back on 8/6/09.  Awesome return from one of the best centerfielder of my generation.  In his prime Andruw could hit, run, and play mean defense.  Im happy to see Mr. Jones is having a great bounce back year in Texas, hitting long homeruns that we all are used to seeing from Andruw.  And he can still run down most balls hit to center.  I'm always excited when a player of Andruw's caliber takes time to sign for his fans.  The autograph in bold blue sharpie looks amazing on this card!  I love the Allen and Ginters cards!  Card was mailed to the Rangers.

Brandon McCarthy

Mailed on 6/22/09 and received 2/2 back on 8/6/09.  This is a great return from a very solid pitcher in the big leagues.  I remember a time when Brandon was a top notch prospect here in Chicago and he was supposed to be the next big thing.  I remember the protest when the Sox dealt Brandon to the Texas Rangers and the Sox got John Danks and others.  In the end it was a great deal for the Sox but Brandon has become a reliable pitcher.  Both of these cards look great.  I love the Turkey Red cards they were some of the first Retro looking cards that are now very popular.  These Topps cards are kind of weird.... They photoshopped some of the pictures.  When these cards were printed Brandon had never pitched in a Rangers uniform but the picture clearly shows him in a Rangers uniform.  You can tell if you look closely at the uniform and such.  Oh well this one doesn't look to bad but others in the set look awful.  Overall great return very happy.  Cards were mailed to the Rangers.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Edinson Volquez

Mailed on 7/21/09 and received 2/2 back on 8/5/09.  Great return from one of the best young arms in the game.  Edinson is going to have Tommy John surgery and is going to be out of baseball for roughly 12 months.  Its to bad to see such a talented young stud to have such serious arm problems.  It was just last season Edinson was in the Cy Young discussion.  Due to the great medical treatment these days many pitchers come back stronger then before from Tommy John surgery and hopefully Edinson is able to return to the form he is capable of.  I'm very happy that he signed both of my cards for me.  Both of the cards look awesome due to the great signing surface on both cards.  

Also note worthy, I received a very frustrating return today, I got a plastic bag which contained a damaged and empty envelope from Canada.  Written on the envelope was "received without contents"  and the plastic bag had some stupid apology from the postal service.  The envelope its to badly damaged, it just looks like someone torn open half of the envelope and took my cards out.  I've received envelope in much worse shape then this one so I assume someone out there is enjoying my cards.  But just to top off the whole thing, the person who wrote, "received without contents" on the envelope noticed the stamp on the envelope wasn't postmarked so they scribbled the stamp out in pen, making it so I can't use the stamp again.  haha wow really??  Tough break I guess these kind of things will happen.  

Monday, August 3, 2009

Tomas Vokoun

Mailed on 12/4/08 and received 3/3 back on 8/3/09.  Another surprise I didn't really expect to see this one back.  I heard Tomas was a very good signer so I decided to mail one out to him.  Tomas had a down year last season but he is one of the most talented goalies in the league.  He didn't have a whole lot of help on the Panthers blueline but I expect a bounce back season.  Its nice to get three sign cards back from a elite NHL'er.  All three are signed in thin blue and look great on the background of the cards.  So happy with these! Cards were mailed to the Panthers.  

Martin St.Louis

Mailed on 9/15/08 and received 1/2 back on 8/3/09.  Very happy with this one, I'd seen lots of people getting St. Louis returns and I'm glad I finally got one of mine back.  I've still got a couple out I think so maybe I'll see those come back.  Martin has been such a great player for so long its very nice of him to sign for his fans like this.  I'm sure he gets a lot of mail so for him to sign is very nice.  This one came back with a .42c stamp on it which is good I'm glad to see my post office is still sending out mail with a .42c stamp on it.  I often wonder how many requests I've lost due to lack of postage haha.  Another Victory card for me set!! Cards were mailed to the Lightning. 

Sean Burke

Mailed on 7/10/09 and received 6/6 back on 8/3/09.  It took me a while to track down Mr. Sean Burke but I'm glad I finally did.  The first time I mixed up two different addresses and got an RTS.  The second time I got the right address to only find out he no longer lived there and the forwarding time had expired, another RTS.  So on my third try I got the right addy and I was able to get my success.  I think this is only the second time I've sent 6 cards, I just tossed the small card in with the others I was sending.  These turned out so nice, it was nice of Mr. Burke to sign all of my cards for me.  Maybe he knew it was the third time I tried sending to him haha.  Cards were mailed to his home address. 

John Danks

Mailed on 7/21/09 and received 1/3 back on 8/3/09.  John has become a very reliable starting pitcher in the tough AL for a pitcher.  When John is on and throwing strikes he is tough to beat.  I expect a couple All-Star games and a very solid career out of Mr. Danks when its all over.  I love these Allen & Ginter's cards they look amazing signed.  And the bold blue sharpie looks fantastic I'm so happy with how this card turned out.  I was sad that he kept the other two cards, I had a All-Star card from when John was in single-A and John kept it.  Oh well I'm happy to have the one signed card.  Cards were mailed to the White Sox. 

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Milan Lucic

Mailed on 7/17/09 and received 1/1 back on 8/1/09.  I'd seen lots of Lucic successes so I figured I'd get one while he's signing quickly.  He's a young guy and he may not be signing so readily as he gets older.  Milan is only two months older then my older brother haha its kind of weird to get an autograph from someone who is so close in age to me.  The card I got looks awesome, the thin blue sharpie looks very nice and he signed the card in a nice spot.  Always nice to add a current NHL'er during the offseason.  Card was mailed to Mr. Lucic's parents home.