Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kris Russell

Mailed on 11/16/09 and received 5/3 back on 12/30/09. Ahh nice to get a return again! Santa certainly didn't bring me many returns during the holiday season. This is also a great return from a young star in the NHL. Kris is going to have a very long and successful career on the Columbus blueline as they get better and better. Nice looking signature on all of the items. I really appreciate him taking the time to sign the index cards as well. Hopefully this is the first of many returns coming for me! Cards were mailed to the Blue Jackets.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Olli Jokinen

Mailed on 10/18/09 and received 3/3 back on 12/21/09. Nice to get three sweet looking cards from an NHL star. Olli has always been a productive player and he has hopefully found a home in Calgary. I received a card from Olli earlier after I had already re-mailed to him or I probably wouldn't have mailed him these. But I'm not complaining about the extra autographs. Cards were mailed to the Flames.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Trent Hunter

Mailed on 11/9/09 and received 4/4 back on 12/19/09. Very nice return from a solid NHL'er. Trent has played his whole career with the Islanders so he's never really gotten the publicity he deserve. A very solid 40-50 point guy every year and is a necessity on any winning team. It was very nice of him to sign all four of the cards I sent him. This success finished out a very solid week of returns for me. Cards were mailed to the NY Islanders.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Cristobal Huet

Mailed on 10/18/09 and received 3/2 back on 12/18/09. A couple beautifully signed cards from the Hawks number one goalie! Huet has really turned his season around, he started off shaky and the Hawks struggled along with Huet. But now Cristobal has been one of the best goalies in the league for a long stretch of time and the my Hawks are better then ever. Cristobal is a good signer TTM and I'm glad to add these cards to my collection! Cards were mailed to the Blackhawks.

Brendan Morrison

Mailed on 11/9/09 and received 4/4 back on 12/18/09. Awesome return from a long time NHL'er! I saw a couple success to him through the Capitals practice facility so I have it a try. I'm very happy I did because these babies arrived today. Not the prettiest looking signature but he was nice enough to sign all four of my cards. Another card for my Victory set. Very happy with these cards! Cards were mailed to the Capitals.

Jonathan Cheechoo

Mailed on 9/8/09 and received 3/3 back on 12/18/09. Very happy to get this one back especially with a postage error on my part sending this one out. I sent this request to the Senators but on my SASE I put an American .44c stamp. Thankfully my error didn't cost me these cards, the envelope came back today. But there were no markings for postage due or any kind of return to sender for incorrect postage. I guess the postal service was a negligent as I was with this one haha. I love the OPC Game Breakers card! I asked him to sign right in that spot and Mr. Cheechoo was nice enough to sign it there. These all look awesome! Cards were mailed to the Senators.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jonathan Toews

Mailed on 10/18/09 and received 2/2 back on 12/17/09. Awesome! As good as it gets with this return. I love Toews and how hard he plays. He is also a very reliable signer TTM. It often takes a lot longer to get a return but this one was very fast! Jonny's autograph looks different every time you get him IP or TTM. Glad to see the captain still taking time for the fans as he becomes a bigger and bigger star in the NHL. He is only going to get better each year as he continues to play. Cards were mailed to the Blackhawks.

Troy Brouwer

Mailed on 11/30/09 and received 1/1 back on 12/17/09. Troy has been awesome so far this season with the Hawks. He has started to produce more and more points year after year. I love his style of camping out in front of the net and doing all the dirty work. A very underrated player for the Hawks. This card looks really good and clean with the autograph on it. Always great to add more Hawks autographs to the collection! This card was mailed to the Blackhawks.

Brian Gionta

Mailed on 10/24/09 and received 3/3 back on 12/17/09. Awesome return! This is the second time I've gotten from Mr. Gionta but its been a few years since I got him. I love these three cards. Mr. Gionta did an awesome job of signing in the most visible parts of the cards. The think blue sharpie contrasts really well on these three cards. Very happy! Cards were mailed to the Montreal Canadiens.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Andrei Markov

Mailed on 11/9/09 and received 2/2 back on 12/16/09. I had some good timing with this one. Mr. Markov has been kind of an inconsistent signer through the years and I saw a recent success with him so I decided to mail this one out. Glad to get both of these signed. Mr. Markov has been an elite scorer as a d-man for many years! Nice to add him to my collection. Cards were mailed to the Canadiens.

Jordan Leopold

Mailed on 11/2/09 and received 3/3 back on 12/16/09. This is the second time I've mailed to Mr. Leopold and the second time produces results! A very underrated d-man who has been great with all the teams he has been with. I mailed all my nicer cards to him the first time, but these cards are very nice as well. Gotta love those blue sharpies! Cards were mailed to the Florida Panthers.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Scott Gomez

Mailed on 11/16/09 and received 1/2 back on 12/14/09. I didn't get back either of the cards that I mailed out and I got this card back instead. I'm incredibly happy with this return but I would have liked either of my cards back. Regardless, this is an awesome return that I did not expect back so quickly. Beautiful blue autograph on the card. Scott has been a great long time NHL'er and an awesome American born player. About as good of a request as you can get back! Cards were mailed to the Canadiens.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bryan Berard

Mailed on 4/30/09 and received 4/4 back on 12/12/09. Nice looking group of signed cards. Bryan has been around for a long time and he is also an ex-Blackhawk. I didn't really expect to see these cards back so I was very surprised to open this one up. I love the blue signatures! Cards were mailed to his home.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Corey Crawford

Mailed on 11/30/09 and received 2/2 back on 12/11/09. Corey was once the rising goaltending star in Chicago but has never been able to get the opportunity he deserves in Chicago. When he has been with the Blackhawks he's played well. I can see a goaltending duo of Niemi and Crawford in Chicago in the future. Glad to have a signed card of Crawford in a Hawks uniform. Cards were mailed to the Rockford Icehogs.

Bryan Bickell

Mailed on 11/30/09 and received 2/2 back on 12/11/09. Bryan has played so well this season with the Blackhawks when he has been with the team. He was doing all the dirty work when he played on a line with Toews and Kane and scored some huge points. Since Hossa's debut he's been back in Rockford but hopefully he will be back soon. Nice bold black signatures on both cards! Cards were mailed to the Rockford Icehogs.

Jassen Cullimore

Mailed on 11/16/09 and received 1/1 back on 12/11/09. I found this card in a box the other day and I saw that the Hawks had re-signed Jassen and he was in Rockford so I sent it off. I always love getting former Blackhawks! Nice looking signature on a pre-rookie card. Quick success as well. Card was mailed to the Rockford Icehogs.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blackhawks Practice Hounding

My boy Niklas Hjalmarsson!
Antti Niemi and John Madden
Went hounding a Chicago Blackhawks practice a while ago but I'm really bored so I decided to post my results now. The Hawks have changed their practice location and now its really hard to get autographs during practice. They pretty much shut it down to anyone trying to get some 'graphs. The only way to get autographs is to wait outside the parking area and hope that the players stop. Only a few do. The Hawks have become incredibly hard to get in the last two years since they have become so good. It's a shame but yeah things happen. Here's all I was able to get. John Madden is a super classy guy, he parked his car inside then walked outside to us, in the rain to sign. There were only 4 hounds waiting as well. Huet and Niemi were both in the car but I was only able to get Niemi. A rain drop fell on my card and smudged the card a little but nothing too bad. Niklas Hjalmarsson was also super nice. I got my puck signed when the players were going into practice, and as he was leaving he gave all the hounds a look to see if anyone needed anything else signed. I wish I had brought something else, Hjalmarsson is such a stud!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ron Hextall

Mailed on 11/2/09 and received 5/5 back on 12/4/09. Great success from a great NHL goalie! It was nice of him to write different messages on each of the cards. He also signed one of his Champs cards which I am in love with! Mr. Hextall is working with the Kings now. Awesome looking cards. Beautiful signature from Mr. Hextall. Cards were mailed to the LA Kings.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Larry Robinson

Mailed on 7/22/09 and received 4/4 back on 12/2/09. Very sweet return from one of the all time great NHL d-men. Mr. Larry Robinson was a favorite of my fathers and played for so long in the NHL. I was watching old NHL games on ESPN classic the other day and Mr. Robinson was playing. Totally different game back in the day haha. I couldn't be happier with these. Cards were mailed to Mr. Robinson's home.