Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Keith Brown

Mailed on 6/22/09 and received 4/4 back on 6/30/09.  Very prompt return from Mr. Brown.  I always appreciate getting a former Blackhawk in the mail and Keith Brown was a solid player for many years in Chicago.  One touch that I really like was he added a Bible verse on each card.  I like it when players do that and I always read the verses that they put on the cards.  Cards were mailed to Mr. Browns home.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Brett Hull

Mailed on 6/15/09 and received 6/29/09.  A 2 week turnaround time from one of the greatest goal scorers in NHL history... yeah Ill take that.  This is one of the best returns I've ever gotten.  Two of the cards are personalized to Pam which is my mom.  Shes a huge Brett Hull fan and I knew she would love it if Brett personalized a couple cards for her.  Brett was nice enough to personalize them for her as well as I asked for.  What a class act and all four cards are signed beautifully.  Im so excited and happy to get these back.  Cards were mailed to Mr. Hull's home.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kari Lehtonen

Mailed on 5/18/09 and received 4/4 back on 6/27/09.  Very  nice return from a solid NHL goalie.  Kari was a very promising young talent and possibly has suffered from being in Atlanta but still has a long and successful career ahead of him.  All three of the cards were signed in an OK black sharpie, its dying a little bit.  Cards were mailed to Mr. Lehtonens home.

Robert Esche

Mailed on 6/17/09 and received 2/2 back on 6/27/09.  I'm very surprised with this return.  I found an address for a foundation that Mr. Esche runs and I figured it was worth a shot.  I didn't really expect this one back so quickly.  I offered to make a donation if he would include a donation envelope which he did not but I still may send out a donation as a thanks to Mr. Esche for taking time for me.  Cards were mailed to Mr. Esche's charity.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Barret Jackman

Mailed 5/16/09 and received 3/3 back on 6/24/09.  Great return from a solid d-man and a great leader for the Blues.  All three cards are signed beautifully in bold blue sharpie.  Looks great with his Blues jersey on.  Cards were mailed to Mr. Jackmans home.

Monday, June 22, 2009

David Legwand

Mailed on 5/26/09 and received 2/2 on 6/22/09.  Very nice return, Mr. Legwand is a great signer through the mail you usually just have to wait a bit.  A consistent player Mr. Legwand is a hard worker and fun to watch.  This is the first time Mr Legwand has ever signed 2 cards for me.  Mr Legwand is nice enough to stamp his return address on the back of the return envelope.  The Predators came so close to the playoffs this season and I look forward to watching them next season.  Cards were mailed to Mr. Legwands home.  

Peter Stastny

Mailed on 6/17/09 and received 1/1 on 6/22/09.  Wow very fast return from a HOF'er.  The 5 days is even with a Sunday mixed in there.  Very nice signature and I really appreciate the quick turnaround.  I've always been meaning to mail to Mr. Stastny, Ive heard that he only signs one card at a time though.  But I love this card and I'm excited to add it to my collection.  Card was mailed to Mr. Stastny's home.

Steve Thomas

Mailed on 11/17/09 and received 3/3 back on 6/22/09.  Well I guess I didn't lose those other cards I wanted to send out but I simply forgot that I mailed this one out.  I appreciate Mr. Thomas signing both my requests for me.  Totally forgot about this one so you can imagine my surprise when I opened it up.  I guess Mr. Thomas is getting all his mail done so if you sent something to him and are still waiting I'm sure you'll be getting yours back as well.  Cards were mailed to Mr Thomas's foundation.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Steve Thomas

Mailed on 5/22/09 and received 5/5 on 6/20/09.  Quality return from a underrated star who put up great numbers year after year for many different teams.  I had a group of 5 different cards I wanted to send to Mr. Thomas but I think I lost them or they disappeared because they are nowhere to be found.  These ones still look great and I appreciate a player of Mr Thomas's calibur to sign still after many years of autographs.  Cards were mailed to Mr. Thomas's foundation

Jake Westbrook

Mailed on 9/10/08 and received 2/2 back on 6/20/09.  Little bit of a wait but well worth it for a great MLB pitcher.  Mr Westbrook is a as good as they get when he is healthy but unfortunately he's had some arm problems the last couple years.  Its kind of funny about the quality of these two autographs.  One is badly smudged and the other is picture perfect haha.  Great return very happy with these.  Cards were mailed to the Indians

Wojtek Wolski

Mailed on 5/26/09 and received 4/4 back on 6/19/09.  Wow very surprised by this one!  During the season I mailed to Wojtek c/o the Avs and the Avs practice facility and got nothing back but a team issued card (which is nice but isn't as nice as the cards I send)  I found a home address which is actually his parents home address but I figured I'd give it a shot.  Wojtek is a fantastic young talent, he's got some of the best puck control skills I've ever seen.  I look forward to watching him for many years to come.  

Eric Staal

Mailed on 5/29/09 and received 3/3 back on 6/19/09.  I figured this one would be coming back soon... I recently received my cards from Mr. Staal that I sent to the Hurricanes.  The day after I mailed these cards to Mr. Staals home I received my cards that I sent to Mr. Staal c/o the Hurricanes.  I appreciate a stud like Eric Staal signing for his fans like this.  He personalized all 3 cards as well, which is fine with me I like the personal touch.  Great bold blue signatures.  Cards were mailed to Mr. Staals home. 

Johan Franzen

Mailed on 3/31/09 and received 2/2 on 6/19/09.  Johan is a great player who plays big when the most is on the line... the playoffs.  I'm not the biggest Red Wings fan but I still respect and admire the skills their players show.  Nice clean signature from Mr Franzen, he signed one of the cards that I got at the Winter Classic game and kept the one I offered.  Nice return very happy.  Card were mailed to the Red Wings. 

Jonathan Toews

Mailed on 4/20/08 and received 1/1 back on 6/17/09.  Wow my longest wait yet... I mailed this one to the Blackhawks a while ago.  I've written and received different requests from Jonny since I got this one so I guess I got lost for a bit and now Mr Toews is catching up on all his mail.  I got this one back with my original .41c stamp on it with Canadian postage on it as well.  I guess Mr Toews is home for the summer and getting some mail done.  Great success this is a very nice Toews autograph compared to some I've seen.  Very surprised and excited so get this back.  Card was mailed to the Hawks

Valterri Filppula

Mailed on 6/1/09 and received 2/2 on 6/18/09.  Very sweet.  Both cards are beautifully signed in thin blue sharpie.  The last time I got Valterri he signed my card in bold black so a little different this time.  A unique but nice autograph.  Mr. Filppula was awesome in the playoffs at time playing with Marian Hossa, he showed what a great player he is going to be.  Cards were mailed to the Red Wings.

Ruslan Fedotenko

Mailed on 6/8/09 and received 2/2 on 6/18/09.  Fast return from a Stanley Cup winner!!  Signed both cards very nicely in black.  Ruslan always seems to score the big goal in the big game.  He's got a ton of skill and it was on display when he got to play with a player like Evgeni Malkin.  Great success from a great player.  Cards were sent to eh Penguins.

Joe Corvo

Mailed on 5/18/09 and received 1/1 back on 6/18/09.  Great return from one of the premier offensive d-men in the league.  Mr. Corvo was great throughout the playoffs and had another great year on the blueline.  Very cool looking signature also.  Its always nice when a current NHL player who already signs autographs everyday to take time out of his day and sign a few more.  Awesome autograph!  Cards were mailed to the Hurricanes.

Todd Krygier

Mailed on 6/8/09 and received 5/4 back on 6/15/09.  Quick turnaround time and Mr. Krygier was nice enough to write me a short note on the back of my letter thanking me for writing.  This kind of thing really shows what a class act Mr. Krygier to not only sign all my cards for me but take the time to thank me for writing.  What a nice guy.  A solid player for a long time in the NHL I'm glad to see he still accomodates for his fans like this.  Cards were mailed to Mr. Krygiers home.

Shayne Corson

Mailed on 5/26/09 and received 5/5 back on 6/15/09.  A great return Mr. Corson had a long and successful career in the NHL.  A leader on and off the ice Shayne was a force when it came to game time.  A quick turnaround coming from Canada.  Mr. Corson was nice enough to mail the request for me with the dollar I enclosed.  Cards were mailed to Mr. Corsons foundation.

Kyle Calder

Mailed on 3/18/09 and received 3/3 on 6/15/09.  A very solid return, Mr. Calder had some very solid years here in Chicago and he was one of my favorites for a few years.  He signed all three of my cards in black sharpie.  Mr Calder has a very neat and small signature.  Very happy with this return!  Cards were mailed to the Kings I think...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chad LaRose

Mailed on 5/21/09 and received 2/1 back on 6/15/09.  Great return from a player who had a great postseason.  Chad provided a spark at many critical times during the playoffs and always seemed to score the big goal for the Canes.  When some of the top goal scorers on the Hurricanes were struggling the 3rd line and LaRose continued to produce.  Chad was nice enough to also sign the index card I included for padding.  Card was mailed to the Hurricanes. 

Glen Wesley

Mailed on 5/21/09 and received 3/3 on 6/13/09.  A long productive career as a guy who went out every night and played lockdown defense.  Glen is working with the Hurricanes in some capacity now and he was nice enough to sign through the team.  He did sign two of the cards sideways.  He must have been in a hurry signing and didn't have time to flip the card haha.  Oh well still very happy with these.  Cards were mailed to the Hurricanes. 

Miroslav Satan

Mailed on 5/19/09 received 3/2 on 6/13/09.  Another pretty surprising return, there aren't that many documented returns from Miro Satan but I just decided to roll and dice and mail this one out.  And as you can see that gamble paid off pretty quickly.  Miroslav is such a talented player, it was a lot of fun to watch him show that skill this year in the playoffs.  Interesting signature for sure and he was nice enough to sign one of the index cards I used to pad the envelope.  Cards were mailed to the Penguins.

Ted Donato

Mailed on 5/21/09 and received 5/5 back on 6/10/09.  A solid NHL player for a very long time, its great that Mr Donato takes time to sign for his fans like this.  I wasn't sure if I'd get these ones back... I mailed these to Harvard University Athletic Department because Mr. Donato is the Harvard Hockey Coach.  And since its not hockey season wasn't sure he'd be around still but these came back with no problems.  

Mike Ribeiro

Mailed on 5/22/09 and received 3/3 on 6/9/09.  Another great NHL'er success.  Mike has really been a consistent player his whole career and has taken off the last couple seasons in Dallas.  A very nice looking autograph on all three cards.  I was surprised this one came back so quickly I wasn't sure if the address I was sending to was still good.  But it worked out and I'm very happy with these.  Cards were mailed to Mr. Ribeiro's home.  

Eric Staal

Mailed on 1/20/09 and received 2/2 on 6/6/09.  Sweet!!  Its awesome that a player as great as Eric Staal is nice enough to sign for his fans.  I'm sure he gets tons and tons of fan mail which makes this even better.  If this one had come back a few days sooner I wouldn't have mailed one out to Mr. Staals home address I found.  So maybe I'll be getting that one back soon as well.  Very happy with this return!  Cards were mailed to the Hurricanes. 

Manny Legace

Mailed on 5/29/09 and received 2/2 back on 6/6/09.  Very nice return, Manny spent some time this season with the Peoria Rivermen and did a spectacular job.  He is too talented of a goalie to be with an AHL season so hopefully we'll see a return to the NHL for him.  Both cards are signed very nicely in blue sharpie.  Cards were mailed to Mr. Legace's home. 

Friday, June 5, 2009

Martin Biron

Mailed on 4/28/09 and received 2/2 back on 6/4/09. Nice return. Both cards are signed beautifully in blue. I guess you could say I'm trying to get this whole set signed, which will be pretty impossible for me with players like Ovechkin, Crosby, and Malkin but I'll give it a shot. Cards were mailed to Mr. Biron

Appologizes for the messed up pics and sloppy descriptions... The tilted pics drive me crazy and I'm sure they're pretty annoying for you too. I'm sorry and maybe someday I'll be on a computer that will work the way I want it to haha.

Brent Seabrook

Mailed on 5/16/09 and received 4/4 back on 6/4/09. I figured I'd be seeing this one back soon after I received my cards that I sent c/o the Blackhawks I sent much earlier on. I asked Brent to keep one of the Winter Classic cards but he signed and returned both. I'm glad Mr. Seabrook is getting to all of his mail, he's a great player and its nice of him to take time for the fans like this. Cards were mailed to Mr. Seabrooks home.

Ed Jovanovski

Mailed on 4/28/09 and received 2/2 on 6/4/09. These are under review as of right now.. I've heard that Mr. Jovanovski is having someone else sign all of his mail. I hope thats not the case but you never know. The autographs on both cards do look a bit shaky. If you know anything or just want to throw your opinion out there please do. Cards were mailed to Mr. Jovanovski's home.

Jorge De La Rosa

Mailed on 8/23/08 and received 1/1 on 6/4/09. I little bit of a wait but worth it. Jorge is a promising young pitcher with the Rockies who I think will be a real solid lefty for many years to come. Very interesting looking signature as well. Card was mailed to the Rockies.

Joel Quenneville

Mailed on 4/20/09 and received 2/2 on 6/3/09. This is a sweet success!! At first I wasn't sure if I was a fan of Mr. Quenneville because I did like Denis Savard as Hawks coach but Joel quickly showed what a great coach he is. I think he knew exactly how to press the right buttons with this young team. I love the never smiling pressence on the bench haha. Both of my cards are signed in silver and look great. Cards were mailed to the Hawks.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mathieu Garon

This one took a little over two weeks and was sent to the Penguins. Its too bad Mathieu isn't in a spot where he can be a starter after a solid year last season. The backup to a goalie like Marc-Andre Fleury isn't going to get much playing time. Its very nice of him to sign all 5 cards that I sent. Cool looking signature as well. Very happy with these.

Jeremy Roenick

This one took under two weeks and was sent to Mr. Roenicks home. I'm really excited to get this one back, JR has always been one of my favorite players. He was the man in Chicago when I was growing up and I'm happy to have signed cards from him. He did use a pretty crappy pen though which is to bad but still happy. He signed on the top part of the 08-09 Uppper Deck card I sent which is usually the spot I don't rub down as much with an eraser so I guess I learned my lesson. Awesome success one of my favorties!