Friday, February 27, 2009

Peter Forsberg

Mailed on 9/29/08 and received 3/3 back on 2/27/09. Sweet!!!! Peter Forsberg, one of the best step up men ever to play and a classy guy was nice enough to sign these three beauties for me. I was so excited when I saw my foreign stamped envelope because I saw a few other Forsberg successes recently and I was hoping for mine back. I included $3 for shipping back here to the states because I had no idea how much it would cost. Well worth the costs to ship it there and back!! Cards were mailed to...

Peter Forsberg

Forspro AB Viktoriaesplaneden-1889123

Ornskoldsvik Sweden

John MacLean

Mailed on 2/12/09 and received 5/5 back on 2/26/09. Great, very fast return. Mr. John MacLean was a great player and an even better leader on the ice. These cards look great, all five signed in red sharpie. A nice touch but on two of the cards the card doesn't show up very well but I'm still very happy with these cards. Cards were mailed to the NJ Devils (Players apparently received no mail but the coaches do and all that I've tried after promptly returned)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Patrick Sharp

Mailed on 10/20/08 and received 2/2 back on 2/25/09. Great return from an elite goal scorer in the NHL. Poor Sharpie is hurt right now but the Hawks have all sorts of guys scoring right now so Patrick can take his time coming back. I'm not totally sure why I mailed the 09 Victory card, I got one signed my Patrick at the Hawks intersquad scrimmage before the season started so I probably could have sent another card. Oh well card still looks good. I received TTM from Sharp before, but the card came back with a poor signature due to my lack of knowledge about the magic of white erasers. Mail has been pretty slow lately, but I've been buying and mailing lots of new stuff mailing to baseball spring training sites but still some hockey so hopefully I'll be seeing more coming back soon. I thought I'd be having a big week but this is the first one so far. Cards where mailed to the Hawks.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Khalil Grenne

Mailed on 8/4/08 and received 1/1 back on 2/20/09. Ahh baseball season!! The weather starts warming up, grass getting green, and the crack of wood bats... gotta love it. Khalil (awesome name) is an exciting young SS who plays tight defense and has got some pop in his bat. This card looks great I'm so excited to get this one back. I recently bought some new baseball cards and will be sending out to some Spring Training spots. Card was mailed to the San Diego Padres.

Tom Poti

Mailed on 12/9/08 and received 3/3 back on 2/16/09. Mr. Tom Poti signed all four cards nicely in black sharpie. Mr. Poti is a solid NHL d-man and I excited to add these cards to my collection. Cards were mailed to the Washington Capitals.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Aaron Voros

Mailed on 12/30/08 and received 1/2 on 2/13/08. Mr. Aaron Voros kept one of the two 09 OPC cards I sent him which is fine. Another interesting looking signature. Mr. Voros was off to a hot start this year but has since cooled off a bit. He's an exciting young player and I'm glad to add this card to my collection. Card was mailed to the NY Rangers.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Markus Naslund

Mailed on 7/5/08 and received 1/2 back on 2/12/09. AWESOME!! Mr. Markus Naslund is a big time player and I'm so excited to see this one come back. I saw a few other Naslund returns lately and I figured mine would be coming soon. I've got another one out there somewhere maybe I'll see that one in the next few days! Picture does not do this card justice a very nice signed card. Card was mailed to the NY Rangers.

Jay Bouwmeester

Mailed on 1/26/09 and received 2/2 back on 2/12/09. Its awesome to see a young superstar like Mr. Bouwmeester returning his mail so quickly. This is the second time I've received cards from Jay so its very nice to him to sign all his mail. I got the jersey card he signed off ebay really cheap but it seem like jersey cards always get creased right by the jersey swatch. I guess the ride on the USPS roller coaster is a little much for jersey cards. And I even mailed these in a hard plastic case so yeah.... Great return very happy! Cards where mailed to the Florida Panthers.

Greg DeVries

Mailed on 1/6/09 and received 2/1 back on 2/11/09. Nice return from a solid NHL'er. Cool autgraph too, I've always been a fan of the wacky looking signatures like this one. The card and index card both look great! Cards where mailed to the Nashville Predators.

Jon Filewich

Mailed on 2/3/09 and received 4/2 back on 2/10/09. Very fast return!! This was an in-state return so that probably helps with the turnaround time. Mr. Jonathan Filewich is a great young player and is currently puttin up great numbers with the Peoria Rivermen. Signed nicely in very thin blue sharpie. Cards where mailed to the Peoria Rivermen.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mikael Samuelsson

Mailed on 12/30/08 and received 3/3 back on 2/9/09. Two Red Wings on one day. Even though I am a die hard Blackhawks fan and I'm no fan of the Red Wings, you have to admire this team. They are truly out of this world in the system they play and the overall talent on their team. Mr. Samuelsson is a huge part of all that success. He's having a breakout year and is a very underrated player. Signed my three cards very nicely in black sharpie. The cards look great! Cards where mailed to the Red Wings.

Darren Helm

Mailed on 1/20/09 and received 1/1 back on 2/9/09. This is a nice return, I remember the big goal Mr. Helm scored in the playoffs for the Wings. Darren Helm got a lot of ice time in the postseason and I was very impressed with how he played. A cool looking autograph, it shows up very nicely on this 08-09 Victory rookie card. Nice return, good addition to my collection.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Zach Parise

Mailed on 1/14/09 and received 1/1 back on 2/6/09. Another great return from an NHL All-Star. A great looking autograph. I guess Mr. Parise only signs through his home address which is where I mailed this card. I mailed to Zach earlier this season c/o the Devils and haven't gotten anything back yet. Very happy to get this one back so quickly!

Mike Cameron

Mailed on 1/20/09 and received 3/3 back on 2/5/09. A great return from a great player. I was at the game when Mike Cameron hit 4 HRs at the Cell in Chicago. He also robbed Magglio Ordonez of a grandslam in that game. Cameron went back to back twice in the first inning with Bret Boone and it was one of the best baseball games I've ever been to. So its nice to add these cards to my collection. Cards where mailed to Mr. Camerons home address.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Zdeno Chara

Mailed on 10/14/08 and received 1/1 back on 2/3/09. Awesome return!!! The hardest shot in NHL history (at a ridiculous 105.3 MPH), he must be feeling real good these days playing for one of the best teams in the NHL and being an outstanding All-Star. Zdeno is really a great player and so much fun to watch. Also, I've noticed that the Boston Bruins have to be one of the best signing teams TTM. I think I'm 5/6 on Bruins with successes from Zdeno, Phil Kessel, David Krejci, Chuck Kobasew, and Tim Thomas (I've still waiting on my Michael Ryder cards). Thats alot of big time stars on the Bruins and its very nice to see their stars taking time for the fans and signing. So thanks again to Mr. Chara and the Bruins I appreciate all you do. The card was mailing to the Boston Bruins.

Dan Boyle

Mailed on 12/2/08 and received 4/4 back on 2/3/09. This is a very nice success, Mr Dan Boyle is a great defensemen and a lot of fun to watch. I saw the Sharks play my Hawks at the UC this season and Dan Boyle scored two pretty goals sneaking around the backside on powerplays. He's an outstanding offensive threat and a great TTM signer. The cards I sent weren't exactly the greatest cards to send, all of the cards have black or dark spots due to the Tampa Bay Lightnings jerseys. Oh well the cards look great and I'm very happy with this return. Cards where mailed to the San Jose Sharks.

Zach Boychuk

Mailed on 7/5/08 and received 1/1 back on 2/2/09. This card was one of a few first round draft picks that I mailed out c/o the NHL team that just drafted them. This card is the 3rd of 7 that I mailed out on 7/5/08. I also mailed out a few NHL'er who I've seen returns from to other people since but I haven't seen my cards back so I think it was an inopportune time to mail to NHL teams in July. Haha oh well I'm learning. But this is a very nice return from a promising young star who is going to be in the league for a very long time.